Countdown to Ben’s birthday | 01.07.2014 | 18 days to go.
"As an actor, you are aware of how a role can seep into your own life."

He shares his birthday with my mom, which means I won’t be around Tumblr when that day comes :(

I might be traveling, so there’s a possibility I won’t be either. :( But I’ll let it all prepared.

I can’t wait!


gingeradler221b asked:

I hope you randomly keep finding money and saving up to go to london and then accidentally meet benedict in a bar and he recognises your fancy hair do and dress and asks to buy you a drink and then tries extra hard to seduce you bc you keep playing coy and he has to use all of his gentleman charm and you have to keep running to the bathroom and fan yourself whilst he thinks up more lines to use on you

benedict--cumberbatch answered:

Oh god oh god oh god! This message….I like it…


… Thanks for the feels ..